July 1, 2010

About the editors of Emerging Tech Trends or Tranhumanism

Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumanism was start back in 2009 by senior editor J5un who resides in Toronto Canada. Other contributors include Wade Procknow and Sheila Wright and David Drinkwalter. Other bloggers with like minded intentions contribute from time to time.

J5un is working on his degree in biochemistry. In his part time he loves to geek-out with robotics  and various art projects and work towards his real estate empire. howhich lead to my fascination with science. 

The goal Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumanism (besides searching for a shorter name) is to become a one-stop shop for everything transhuman. To entertain, engage, provoke thought, educate and inform people and create a community about transhumanist technologies and culture.

Whats new for 2013

1) Guest blogging will be coming to the Transhuman Movement(If you want to contribute an article let us know at the contact button below)

2 )A weekly newsletter

3)A better developed area for enthusiasts who want to get involved to make transhumanism a reality

4)Possibly an Ebook and documentary that is still in the initial stages.

5)Moving the site off blogger to a real URL

6)Daily updates