April 17, 2011

Mindflex Game Reviews

Me and my 7 year old son just finished using Mattel's mindflex game where the obstacle of the game is to move a foam ball using thought control.

The ball is moved higher(vertically) the harder you concentrate and to move the ball to the side(horizontally) you are required to adjust the knob on the base of the game. There are 5 different obstacle challenges to try out and the board is adjustable so you can create your own. What we found was fun was to use it together. One of use would move the dial while the other used the headband. We would also time each other to see who could do it the fastest.

At first I wondered if it really is kid friendly but it took my son about 5-10mins to get a good handle on controlling the ball so its definitely kid worthy. I am constantly amazed by how smart little kids really are.

The only complaint I have is that the headband gets a little irritating after about an hour. And no it doesn't give you a headache which is something else I was concerned about.

All in all an excellent experience. I saw on Mattel's site that they will be releasing a follow up called Mindflex Duel where you go head to head competing to push the ball. Looks even better. Can't wait to try it out. In the stores I found Mindflex usually retails for 80-100$ and the Mindflex Duel will be in the 110-150$ range. I did find a much better deal at amazon however. There are also a lot of reviews there for the product in case you wan to see more.

1Mindflex Game for 55$
2.Mindflex Duel Game for 99$

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