December 15, 2012

A techies dream home

Ever since I was a kid and I watched the Jetsons I've waited to have my own futuristic house with automation. I just found this video with current technologies for home automation

 The house in this video below shows technology for:

1)A kitchen that a

(a)automates home grocery list making and getting your groceries for you

(b)build in LCD tv

(c)touchscreen control panel allows you to pay your bills

(d)sets the mood with ambient colored lighting and music

(e)home security system with cameras around house

2)A bathroom has

(a)a mirror that doubles as a touchscreen that controls music,lighting,tv in the mirror

(b)towel hangers that dries the towel as well

3) A bedroom that

(a)has a push button to turn the shower on from the bed4

4)A living room with

(a)automated shades that retract and go down when you want them to

This article by J5un for Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumanism

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