January 27, 2013

Resources For Transhumanists

Our ever expanding list of  Resources. If you see something missing and you'd like it to be added just contact us at the About/Contact  page and email us the name and URL of the site.

1)Our top ten books about Transhumanism .

2)List of Transhuman movies

3)List of Forums and Facebook Pages for discussions revolving around transhumansim

4)Events like lectures, seminars, conferences, or discussions related to transhumanism

5)Sites about Transhumanism
(Note: If you want your site listed on here just email us your site name and the URL on  the contact page)

Bang Science-Oxford Science Magazine
Immortal Life-Blog with a community dedicated to ending aging
Biohackyourself-About biohacking yourself. Lots of resources
H+Magazine-covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing us.
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies- title pretty much says it all
KurzweilAcceleratingIntelligence-Ray Kurzweils blog
Singularity Hub- Topics about everything related to Kurzweil's Singularity
RationalWiki-Transhumanism - Wiki with resources on transhumanism

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