February 3, 2013

Tranhuman Technology You Can Use Now!

Brain Computer Interfaces
There have been many come to market over the last 5 years and they are progressing quickly. I Believe as the technology develops everyone will want one.Neurosky Mindwave ,Emotiv Epoch.

Lose an arm or leg. How about your vision or hearing. There are already many people using bionic prosthesis's already. Look no further than your local prosthesist for the latest models. The newer ones available this year can be surgically attached to your nervous system which means thought control over it.

There is a lot of electronics being applied to clothing that will augment our bodies. Shoes that will help us jump higher or faster. Google will be releasing Google glass. The glasses have electronic display units inside the glasses and projectors on each side or the arms.Watches and wristbands that monitor your body for blood clots. Recently the APL Concept 1 shoes were banned by the NBA due to it giving players an unfair advantage in being bale to jump higher from wearing them

There area number of spy tech devices tat are being micro sized and marketed in the open. the iPod has an app for it right now you can get. The Super mini personal sound amplifier is not really for the hearing impaired but to augment your hearing.

This is not really mainstream but a group of  transhumanists who have taken it on themselves to experiment with meshing of their body to electronics. A recent post last week was about a guy who wanted to implant magnets to his fingertips. Nevertheless there are some interesting experiments being carried out with some success as well. You can check it out here

Portable MicroDevices
Every year devices like the iPod get more powerful with more bells and whistles. But now they are being equipped with lifesaving apps that monitor your heart and vitals, be a pocket CPR and first aid guide, monitor blood pressure. They will have tests you can do on  yourself to test for illnesses. There already is an app to connect it to a Neurosky's mindwave mobile BCI

Tattoo Technology
Right now at ThinkGeek you can get a programmable tattoo system The moodINQ. You get an electronic grid system that you can program to show whatever tattoo you want. The applications with something like this are vast. They could monitor blood sugar levels or any vitals for diabetics or people that require medication on a frequent basis and remind them. Some which use blood for the display could test you for diseases right away.

Life Extension
There are many products coming to market every year and tons of research happening in this area. Science is advancing every year. Its only a matter of time. Cryonic preservation  is available now as a backup plan. Controlling your lifestyle via diet, exercise and stress has been shown with some accuracy to increase lifespans by 20-30 years already. Books like "The Blue Zones" "The China Study" or a book on Caloric Restriction is a good place to start learning about this.

If you have any ideas of things i may have missed let me know and I'll add it to this article.

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