May 27, 2011

Buy the Force Trainer

At first appearance its like you really are becoming a Jedi or maybe developing telekinesis. So how does it work exactly?

How it works
The Star Wars Force Trainer uses a headset that measures brainwave activity. You get the ball to move in the pipe by concentrating or giving mental control thoughts.The thoughts control the strength of the air fan which in turn control the ball height.

The voices of Yoda and R2-D2 are used to guide players to levitate a ball (decorated like Luke’s training probe) up to three different heights, all to the accompaniment of sound effects and music from the popular films.

The game includes a wireless headset, similar to a pair of light headphones. Plastic arms place one electrode behind each ear and a third against your temple. Easy to adjust for different head sizes, it’s quite comfortable to wear.

-well made durable product
-FUN for kids and adults alike
-Good tool for explaining to children the power of the mind. -Not very expensive

-short battery life . You can purchase an addition ac adapter with the deluxe version

On a personal note I have used it at adult parties and it was a big hit. We would have shooters and tried doing other tasks like reading and walking around and still attain a Jedi level.

You can buy theStar Wars Science - Force Trainer here at at 54% off store price right now. Unfortunately there are only 3 left in stock though.
The Deluxe version also comes with an AC adapter

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