May 28, 2011

Listing of Brain Controlled Devices for sale now!

Welcome to the world of Brain Controlled Devices where a simple thought controls machines. I have been facinated by these for some time now and with the whirlwind of research going on in this area I thought you might like to get brought up to speed on most of whats available today. I currently own 2 of these devices in which me and my kids enjoy frequently.

1)Emotiv Epoch-Based on the latest developments in neurotechnology, the Emotiv EPOC is a revolutionary, new personal interface for human computer interaction.They have a developer and researcher kits or you can buy it for yourself to play games on your PC with the mastermind program.

2)Star Wars Science - Force Trainer- is a game for kids ages 8+. There is a headband with sensors that is worn and controls a fan motor which in turn controls the height of a ball. The object of the game is to concentrate on specific things or relax your mind. You can check out my full review of it here.

3)OCZ OCZMSNIA NIA - Neural Impulse Actuator-OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) marks a new era in gaming. Rather than being a substitute for a mouse, the NIA is a pioneering peripheral to be used in conjunction with your mouse for a more immersive gaming experience. The NIA is compatible with any PC game using keyboard input... past, present, or future. Predefined profiles allow the gamer to develop their own NIA - memory to launch the desired behavior of their character and shoot with the "blink of an eye", without lifting a finger.

4)Mindflex Game - Another thought based game for kids. Similar to the Star Wars Mindforce game in that thoughts control the actions of a ball with an air fan. But different in the object of the game which is to manuver the ball through an obstacle course and can be played with 2 people. There is a sequel to this game in the Mindforce Duel in which 2 people battle is out simultaneously on the game board for control of the ball.

5)I-phone PLX X-wave- The X-wave is a thought control headband that links to your iPhone. There are games for X-wave on iphone(pad) by MindGames include W.I.L.D., Tug-of Mind

6)Neurosky mindset MINDWAVE-very similar to the Emotiv Epoch. Neurosky you can buy for under 100$ and has over 50 games available for it. There are also kits for rearchers as well

7)MYND-NeuroFocus’s new device, which it calls “Mynd,” has a few key features. It claims to get “full-brain coverage with dense-arrray EEG” sensors, yielding data “within seconds” of switching the device on. It can also network with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad. Unlike other EEG devices you may be familiar with, Mynd doesn’t need to use gel (that’s what’s meant by calling the device “dry”). And since the device isn’t too heavy itself, and can be linked to a wireless device, that basically makes it a mobile brain scanner. (See our earlier take on a “wearable” PET scanner for rats, here.) NeuroFocus envisions research panels conducted at home with the device; its CEO Dr. A.K. Pradeep tells Fast Company those might happen within the next eight months.

8)Mind technologies-exclusevely developes apps for the emotive headset. Some games created include mastermind,mindmouse,and think tac toe.

9)Interaxon-Has a headset and creates apps for the ipad.

10)3d glasses by interaxon- It's (3-D glasses) gives you the ability to watch a movie or televised content, and it knows the state that you're in, whether it be scared, excited, or bored.

11)Openvibe- Created a software platform for  BCI'S. There is a 10minute video explaining exactly how it works here

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