April 3, 2013

Cool Uses for Flying Robots

The U.S. military has already had drone planes and helicopters already tested in battle. The video from TED
by Vijay Kumar shows just how impressive they really are. They are able to do some serious maneuvers in tight spaces as very fast speeds. What impressed me the most is how well it preformed when having to move through a randomly thrown moving hoop.

Many times there is so much new technology coming at us at such a fast pace its hard to really get to know each piece and figure out ways to maximize its usage in our everyday lives or to find ways to hack it. As a robotics hobbyist I'm always looking for a cool project.

I was looking around for useful way to incorporate robots and stumbled upon a lecture by Vijay Kumar for TED about flying robots. The summary below is from the video plus a few more I brainstormed myself. If you want to watch the entire 16min video the link for it is at the bottom.

1)Use as first responders(security)-Could be used by the police or civilians to see if there are intruders inside a building. Check for weapons bombs or other or to do recon before an assault.

2)Construction-they could carry beams,columns and then assemble them
in hard to get to places. they can also work together in swarms to lift heavier objects

3)For media purposes-to do photo and video of a celebrity. They would definitely need new laws regarding privacy issues with the copters

4)As an assistant- They could carry things for you like a good little robotic pack mule.

5)For delivery or transport -they could deliver small parcels or even people like a aerial taxi cab

6)Of course for military use. They could be used for recon into a potentially hostile environment. They could also be used as robotic soldiers to kill, wound or subdue someone.

Additional Videos

1) Video from TED 

2) A recent video with a K-max robotic helicopter used to deliver and pick up supplies to troops in Afghanistan see it here

3) Video of FireScout drone.

Article written by J5un for Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumansim

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