April 29, 2013

How do I know this isn't a mind control device?

I have seen a few forum strings with people discussing concerns about brain computer interfaces. Mainly
people asking if they are safe. will extended use cause any side effects or even if they are mind control devices or if someone can read your mind with them.

Any time radically new technology is introduced  there are concerns about its safety like cell phones causing brain tumors. Its impossible to tell any long term side effects but there are many people that have been using them for decades without any health issues related to eeg use. sometimes when using mine for hours i have experienced a sore scalp due to the eeg sensors rubbing against my scalp caused design issues but nothing related to reduced cognitive ability or headaches.

I found a good FAQ page for the muse by interaxon you can find here. They even address concerns about it stealing your mind ;-)

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