April 26, 2013

Interview with Ramez Naam on his new book

Brain tech, telepathic drugs, and ass-kicking Buddhists: a fascinating talk with Ramez Naam about his new transhuman science fiction novel "Nexus". 

Wired says “Good. Scary good… stop reading now and have a great time reading a bleeding edge technical thriller that is full of surprises.”  

Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing says “Nexus is a superbly plotted high tension technothriller… full of delicious moral ambiguity… a hell of a read.”  

The Wall Street Journal says “Provocative… a double-edged vision of the post-human.” 
Ars Technica says “Nexus is a lightning bolt of a novel… with a sense of awe missing from a lot of current fiction.”
Booklist says “Starred Review. Naam turns in a stellar performance with his debut SF novel… What matters here is the remarkable scope of the story and its narrative power.” 
Publisher’s Weekly says “Mesmerizing”.
SFX Magazine says “Naam displays a Michael Crichton-like ability to explain cutting-edge research via the medium of an airport techno-thriller.”
Ben Goertzel at HPlus Magazine says “speculative yet impressively plausible… Nexus, as well as being a fun read, has something to contribute to the dialogue that humanity is now having with itself” 
WTF Are You Reading? says “the perfect blend of “The Matrix” and “War Games”… I would recommend this book to  anyone who has ever sat in from of the glow of their computer screen and wondered “what if”…”
Katherine McCarthy at the IEET says “If it isn’t the cinematic handling of some very futuristic images or the curious immersion of cybernetic pondering into the narrative flow; Ramez Naam’s Nexus will impress a reader” 
PageOfReviews says “Nexus is a fascinating study into how technology might inform human evolution. At times it is also a scathing commentary on the United States’ “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror”.” 
Timothy Ward says “Ramez writes excellent action sequences, incorporating his technology well, and the lives at stake are more than just cardboard cutouts. No one in this story is “as meets the eye,’” 
Trevor Hogg at Flickering Myth says ““Naam has a visual style with his words which leads to one experiencing cinematic scenes rather than being swamped with textbook exposition.” 
Bookworm Dreams says “Five Stars. Nexus by Ramez Naam reminds me of my favorite science fiction authors: Cory Doctorowwith dystopia/government conspiracy theme, Michael Crichton with unexpected twists and action/adventure, Arthur C. Clarke because everything Ramez Naam described has a scientific background.” 

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