May 6, 2009

Artificial Blood Research: Giving Artificial Cells Movement Ability

Scientists in Japan are reporting an advance toward giving
artificial cells another hallmark of life: the ability to
tap an energy source and use it to undergo sustained
movement. They developed self-propelled oil droplets
equipped with chemical "engines" (highly reactive catalysts) that provide
self-propelled motion in the presence of a....

In artificial blood research the artificial cells are currently being worked upon by NASA to help with the depleted blood supplies in hospitals.

Other artificial blood research

1) US researchers are developing artificial cells capable of
synthesizing genes and making them into proteins.
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2) International Society or Artificial Cells,Blood
Substitutes and Biotechnology(ISABB) does research on
artificial cells for clinical applications in blood
substitutes, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, tissue
engineering and cell/stem cell therapy.

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