May 23, 2009

Salvation by Cyborg & Terminator 5 talk

Terminator 4 cyborg
McG helms next chapter in Terminator saga

Unlike the previous three Terminator installments, the plot of Salvation doesn't revolve around Skynet, the A.I.-empowered computer system that controls the machine army, sending one of its soldiers back in time in an attempt to change the future. Instead, all of the action occurs in the year 2018, before Skynet has developed the ability to time-travel. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a few surprises up its sleeve. In a development that John's mother/mentor/drill sergeant Sarah Connor (who does not appear to have a role in the film, one of the few elements from Terminator 3 that carries over into this installment) never foresaw, Skynet has been experimenting on surviving humans in an attempt to fuse man and machine. The resistance rescues one of these "hybrids," Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), who resembles a normal person on the outside but underneath packs more iron than Iron Man. "The Marcus character is a real exploration of what it means to be human," McG explains.

"You can have metal bits and pieces running through your body, but it doesn't make you any less of a man. And the question is, where do you become a machine and let go of your humanity? I did a lot of thinking about Christopher Reeve and the idea that if you lose control of your four limbs or body, does it make you less human? Of course, the answer is no; many would argue that Chris Reeve became more human [after his accident]. So where does the soul reside, where does humanity exist? Not in your arms, your legs or your torso. That's what the movie is all about—the nature of what it is that makes us human."

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