May 25, 2009

Will Google be able to predict the future?

At first it sounds like some bad science fiction movie idea but Google is attempting to do just that and in fact has been using real time search results to see what people everywhere in the world are doing and thinking at any moment which also shows intentions. So what better way to get this kind of search than to buy Twitter. Rumors around the web are suggesting just that.

Recently the Big "G's" research team has hinted that the real-time search results could possibly predict the future as well as seeing the present

Two researchers at google combined data from google trends most popular search terms with an economists models that were used to predict trends in things like travel and home sales. This turned out to be a great success and yielded better forecasts in almost every case.

Recently google showed that search data can predict flu outbreaks which that could just be the beginning. An addition of real time data could add tremendously to the predictive power

In another related story a researchers at Los Alamos Labratory in 2006 applied a mood rating system to the text of FutureMe emails to gauge people's fears,hopes for the future.In case you don't know who future me is they allow you to send yourself an email dated to arrive at a future date up to 30 years

What hey found was that between 2007/2012 the emails were more depressed. Is it possible they could have predicted the recession we now face?

One of the researcher John Bollen will be doing more future research on emotional trends on twitter as well

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