May 14, 2009

"Project Cyborg" Kevin Warwick

A man that I have found to be a great source of inspiration for my own transhuman dreams is Professor Kevin Warwick. Professor Warwick has been carrying out cybernetic implant experiments for the last 10 years and has had great success.

Starting with a project called "Project Cyborg 1.0" in 1998 involved an operation to surgically implant a silicon chip transponder in his forearm. This allowed him to be monitored by a computer as he walked through the Department of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. This also allowed him to operate doors, lights, heaters and other computers without lifting a finger

The second phase dubbed "Project Cyborg 2.0" started in march 2002. A 100 electrode array was surgically implanted into the median nerve fibres of Kevin's left arm. The signals detected by the array allowed him to be able to control an electric wheelchair, an intelligent artificial hand. In addition to being able to measure the nerve signals transmitted down Professor Wariwck’s left arm, the implant was also able to create artificial sensation by stimluating individual electrodes within the array. This was demonstrated with the aid of Kevin’s wife Irena and a second, less complex implant connecting to her nervous system. Other important projects involved monitoring the effects the implant had on Professor Warwick's hand functions

There have been a number of other experiments carried out involving the same electrode array as Professor Warwicks like Dr. Peter Kyberd's neural inferface

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