March 22, 2013

How would like to have a tail? Tailly has one for you

The other day I was searching around facebook and i came upon a company Indiegogo that has created another appendage like the Necomimi(cat ears that move) which works with a brain computer interface. As it turns out Tailly is the creation of the same creator of Necomimi; Shota Ishiwatari.

Tailly is a tail that moves on its own which uses sensors on the inside of the belt to measure the user’s heart rate. The tail normally hangs limp when calm but when their heart rate increases due to excitment then the tail begins to wag until their heart rate drops

Uses for Tailly include a toy , fashion accessory or adult toy. Great for parties or dates if they can get over how weird you are for wearing it.

Its still currently in prototype stage and is trying ot raise money at Indiegogo. They currently have it in white,black, fox and pink.

Their goal is to raise 50,000$

If  you are interested in getting one or more check it out here

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