March 28, 2013

What is Price You Would Pay to Become Transhuman?

With the advent of new technologies allowing us to gain incredible superhuman strength and speed like Oscar
pistorius (blade runner).

A New video released by FWthinking asks the question what would you give to gain superhuman abilities? If history is any indicator with performance enhancing substances (The baseball steroid scandal, Lance Armstong) this may turn into a problem. They would likely be easy to detect so they could be restricted to something like the Transhuman Paralympic Games.

For many people in the military that lost a limb in combat they were promised the most up-to-date prosthetic limbs available. Some received bionic limbs as replacements. All they need now is skin-in-a-can ala Will Smith in "I Robot"

If you had the choice to become someone exceptional. Would you be willing to trade bone for bionics?


Oscar Pistorius

Transhuman Paralympic Games

This post by J5un for Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumanism

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