March 14, 2013

Zeo Sleep Manager Review

Ever had one of those nights that you got eight hours of sleep but still didn't feel quite right or all that well rested. The Zeo has 2 has a sleep management system that tracks quality of sleep. It evaluates it to tell you how good it was.Then gives you expert advice on how to improve it

The first thing you do when opening it is figure out what your ZQ is.

Your ZQ is based on
1)Number of times you rolled over
2)Number of times you woke up
3)Your age-your sleep patterns actually change with age
4)How many hours you are in a deep sleep

The headband when i first saw it looked uncomfortable. Once i tried it on my concerns went away as its pretty comfortable. Besides you wont have to wear it every night. I plan on only wearing mine on the days when I'm having sleep problems. The main benefit of buying a device like this is that it can give you greater energy during the day and improve your productivity. There are many stats around the net linking quality of sleep to health. Its hard to put a price on that and its a lot cheaper than going to see a sleep specialist.

There are 3 systems they offer.The Zeo Bedside, Zeo Pro and Zeo Pro+.
All of the systems include a headband and way of analyzing the data.

The Zeo Bedside includes a sheik looking alarm clock that comes with a 2GB SD card to save your data. You can analyze your data on the clock or on another device like your computer or tablet. Retails for around 380$.

The Zeo Pro and Zeo Pro + send the data to your smart phone app. The Zeo Pro and Pro + retails for around 270$.

I opted for the Zeo Pro as its a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the Zeo Beside. A couple years ago I couldn't sleep for 3 days and had insomnia as a result shift changes at work. I had to go see a sleep specialist . I don't want to go through that again and the investment is worth it in hindsight.

Zeo Bedside

Zeo Plus

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