March 29, 2013

Human Overlords and Their Robot Writing Slaves

How would you like your own robot writing slave? Well they are availble now. Obviously its still fairly new and pricey but with huge companies with mucho dinero investing in it hopefully its only a matter of time where we can each have our own. If you are in publishing digital or offline it would be a godsend. 

Today there is more market data collected than ever before. So much in fact that is impossible for a human to track any longer. This has led to AI tools to automate extraction of insights into categories like news, commentary, research or trading insights.

Over the years Companies have spent a great amount of money on generating,collecting and storage of that data but now they want to go the extra mile and get as much value out of it as possible. 

In late 2013 companies like Trade ideas is building a content generation tool—scheduled for release in the second half of this year—to turn its data tables into text commentary or bullet points that can be used in advisor research notes, to help maintain their relationship with customers through regularly-delivered, targeted content that would otherwise be time-consuming to produce on a frequent basis, says David Aferiat, managing partner of Trade Ideas.

This in turn helps clients to interpret the data quicker causing less confusion

“Companies are starting to collect their own data to give them an advantage in the market, and we’re helping them turn that proprietary data into something more useful than just the raw data itself.” —Stuart Frankel, CEO, Narrative Science

Another way to interpret the data would be in a visual format like in charts and graphs that could be automatically created from the datasets

Narrative science's Quill platform is now competing with companies like Reuters to deliver real time stock market analysis and news but they take it one step further interpreting the news into actionable investment analysis

Super computers like IBM's Watson supercomputer are being used to analyze data sets to assist in financial analysis by providing a view of key messages then arriving at a conclusion

If you are concerned robots may replace you one day fear not. In the end human analysis and personalization of the data will always be needed. At least until the singularity comes then all bets are off. Hell we might end up being the robot overlord's slave writing monkeys.

You can check out Narrative Science here 

This post by J5un for Emerging Tech Trends for Transhumanism

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